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2012 Syrian archaeological heritage is in danger
A report on minarets, mosques and monasteries that have been damaged or robbed (Article)
(EN, pdf 75.06 Kbytes)(FR, pdf 81.99 Kbytes)(AR, pdf 131.91 Kbytes)
2012 Two EU regional projects team up for sustainable tourism development
CIUDAD and EH4 together to induce urban heritage protection
(EN, pdf 54.27 Kbytes)(FR, pdf 54.93 Kbytes)(AR, pdf 64.21 Kbytes)
2011 Middle Eastern students learn that history can unite
Common Ground News Service, August 16th 2011
2011 “Youth keen interest in Malta’s Cultural Heritage”
The Times of Malta, June 4th, 2011
2010 The historical heart of Kairouan regains its luster - by Samira Sadfi, Eurojar (13/07/2009)
2010 Together, towards restitution of cultural goods – by Bruno Barmaki, Eurojar (24/11/2009)
2010 Guest of the month, Questions & Answers to C. Dabdoub Nasser - Eurojar Website (2009)
2010 Putting the hammam back at the heart of the community – ENPI Info Centre Website (2010)
( ENPI Hammamed Interview %28en%29.v.2.pdf)
2010 Les mémoires de l’eau – by Samira Safadi, Eurojar (07/05/2010)
2010 The Phoenician heritage: a common Euro-Mediterranean asset - by Julien Théron, Eurojar (02/06/2010)
2010 Initiatives to preserve Tunisian architecture - by Samira Sadfi, Eurojar (04/06/2010)
2009 Le défi d’Héritage 4 : impliquer les jeunes dans la sauvegarde du patrimoine (L’Orient-Le Jour, 08/06/09)
2009 Euromed Héritage, un instrument pour le dialogue culturel (L’Orient-Le Jour, 08/06/09)
2009 Valuing the intangible (by Julie Scott)
(EN, pdf 103.86 Kbytes)(FR, pdf 108.14 Kbytes)(AR, pdf 86.27 Kbytes)
2008 Mediterranean Heritage: an opportunity for dialogue (Europa Nostra n° 1, 2008)
(EN, pdf 1814 Kb)
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