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A further step towards the preservation and enhancement of the Mediterranean's audiovisual heritage

(Turin, Italy, July 21, 2009)
First training of Med-Mem on digitisation

Organised and hosted by Rai, this training is part of a training cycle that will provide television technicians with the opportunity to digitise their archives and regularly nourish Mem-Med’s website with important audiovisual documents. From 2011 onward, the collected material will be available to the public.

The objective of the training consisted of the presentation, the installation and the use of the digitisation station and software tailored to the project. Beyond the unilateral transfer of skills, the uniformity of the profiles and experience in the computer field of the technicians and of the managers of these archives have helped to initiate a common reflection on the process of digitisation and of common needs in this domain.

In light of this high-quality exchange, held in the context of training and on request from partners, an adaptation that makes the tool even more powerful will be conducted in the coming months. Mem-Med will provide members of the consortium (COPEAM EPTV, INA, JRTV, RAI, SNRT), with a digitisation station accompanied by software that will meet the common needs of organisations in the southern and northern Mediterranean and will improve the general treatment of audiovisual archives.

The digitisation stations will produce several formats: a digital preservation format, a high-quality digital format that televisions can use and a lower-quality format that will be broadcast on the net across all countries in the Euromed zone.

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