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Which future for Mediterranean cultural heritage?
Euromed Heritage closing conference in Fez from 21 to 23 January
(EN, pdf 875.00 Kbytes)
Thematic Workshop
More than fifty Mediterranean and Algerian experts are brought together in Algiers by the Euromed Heritage program and Algerian Ministry of Culture to explore the important question of "heritage documentation" in its latest developments
(EN, pdf 1107.55 Kbytes)
MedMem is a reality: 14 TV archives from the Mediterranean region online from October 12th, 2012
On October 12th, 2012, Med-Mem becomes a reality. It is the first free website in three languages – English, French, Arabic – dedicated to the Mediterranean audiovisual heritage…
(EN, pdf 1008.36 Kbytes)
“Mediterranean heritage, a driver for development”
Euromed Heritage 4 Conference at the European Parliament on October 12, 2012
(EN, pdf 913.70 Kbytes)
Cultural Heritage, a vehicle to improve the quality of life
Actors from the South of the Mediterranean meet in Brussels to exchange lessons learnt and to focus on heritage as vector for development
(EN, pdf 916.04 Kbytes)
Second Photo Award 2011
A Palestinian journalist wins first prize in cultural heritage photo competition
(EN, pdf 96.92 Kbytes)
Training module n. 5: 17-19 November 2011
Sustainability and embedding of Projects’ outputs
(EN, pdf 1318.42 Kbytes)
Thematic workshop n. 4: 28-30 June 2011
Seminar on Apprenticeship
(EN, pdf 1273.75 Kbytes)
Crossing Viewpoints Photography Award 2010
(EN, pdf (PDF) 788 Kbytes)
Legal workshop n. 5 - 08/12/2010
seminar on “Education and Training”
(FR, pdf 791 Kbytes)
Thematic workshop n. 3 04-05/10/2010
Third thematic workshop organized by ICOMOS and EUROMED HERITAGE 4
(EN, pdf 795 Kbytes)
Training module n.4 17-19/06/2010
Community and Cultural Mapping
(EN, pdf 894 Kbytes)
Legal workshop n. 4 - 06/06/2010
seminar on “Heritage Economics and Financing Mechanisms”
(EN, pdf 812 Kbytes)
Thematic workshop n. 2: 14/05/2010
Management of heritage sites and artefacts
(EN, pdf 795.67 Kbytes)
Regional Conference - 18/02/2010
Civil society and cultural heritage in the Mediterranean
(EN, pdf 2499 Kbytes)
Training module n. 3 - 16/02/2010
Recording and safeguarding the intangible
(EN, pdf 2477 Kbytes)
Legal workshop n. 3 - 03/12/2009
Planning regulations and urban rehabilitation
(EN, pdf 2509 Kbytes)
Training module n. 2 - 27/11/2009
Sustainability and communication without mega budgets
(EN, pdf 904 Kbytes)
Thematic workshop n. 1 - 19/11/2009
Preventive conservation and maintenance
(EN, pdf 245 Kbytes )
Legal workshop n. 2 - 05/11/2009
Preventing and fighting illicit traffic of cultural property
(EN, pdf 875.62 Kbytes)
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