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Don't let time squander water fountains
ALGER – They came to the campus from the North and the South of the Mediterranean: students and teachers, volunteers and professionals from Tunisia and Hungary, from Romania and Algeria. They came to clear up fountains and cisterns, to study legends, to put up signs. It wasn’t all about digging or dusting. Once the field experience was over, there was always an issue to be discussed around the table: how can we preserve our water legacy?
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Heritage custodians in the making
MALTA - Not many teenagers list heritage conservation high among their hobbies, but quite a few, given the chance, might choose it as a career. When the University of Malta offered a short awareness course in heritage conservation for teenagers at Junior College, the organisers had one big question: how would this notoriously hard-to-motivate age group take to a subject which dealt with ancient remains?
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No stone left unturned
PETRA/AMMAN – It’s a typical baking-hot day at the famous historical site of Petra, the 2,000-year-old capital of Nabatean civilization built at a crucial spot along its spice trading route. While most of the visiting tourists are milling about, enjoying the breathtaking archeological ruins, expressing awe at the incredible hand-sculpted architecture or riding resident camels or horses, a group of Maltese high school students is hard at work trying to grasp the meaning and value of this slice of ancient world history.
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Learning is fun!
This is the story of a journey made by 100 boys and girls. The journey started out in one of the fantastic palm groves near the city of Ghardaia, in Algeria, and it kept going through Dellys and Marrakech, Sousse and Kairouan, all over the Maghreb… Games, postcards, videos are there to show what the children did during this journey: they made domes and mural paintings, they created courtyards and terraces, carpets and palm trees, they played and learned. Because, after all, cultural heritage is about life, and it can be great fun!
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Don't touch my wooden door!
The story of a venture that brought together teachers, state school pupils, parents, school heads and museum interpreters and curators with a single purpose: to save the wooden doors of Tangier's medina.
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One bowl of hot water and one of cold water solve the problem
DAMASCUS - In a little side alley in the old city of Damascus, Syria, a group of women approaches a modest door hidden behind a curtain. They are about to enter a very special underworld, far away from the bustling everyday life in the streets: hammam Ammouneh, one of the traditional bath houses in Damascus and a jewel of Islamic cultural heritage.
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This theater is mine, and I protect it !
JARASH – Why should we protect ancient theaters? What do they mean for us today? To answer to these questions the youngest members of society - school children - have become protagonists of a special event that is bringing over 1.500 kids inside a very famous and old heritage site, to cheer and applaud their performing peers.
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Taking action before it’s too late
Algiers – Leila Haoues, director of the archives and documentation at the Algerian Television, is talking to us: « At present, we are ready to act: the Med-Mem Algeria action is about to reach its objective, which is to preserve and make accessible to the wide public a pan of the Mediterranean audiovisual memory”.
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Kids, be proud of your past if you want to build the future
TYRE - Talking about the Phoenicians conveys much to the imagination. It brings to mind the ‘people of the sea’ and their culture of exchange and integration, it evokes the ancient Mediterranean as an open space of exchange, and it also conjures the luxury and pomp of purple.
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Aladdin flies to the rescue of ancient theatres
AMMAN - Do you remember Aladdin, the young hero of the Arab folktale entitled ‘One Thousand and One Nights’? Riding on his flying carpet, he goes to a cave where he retrieves a magical oil lamp containing a genie… and off he goes, jumping from one adventure to the next, always on top of his dreams (and his carpet). A school book - Aladdin’s Magical Travels to Ancient Theaters in the EuroMed Region - is now resurrecting the tale to ensure that Roman theatres can continue to play a vital cultural role in the future.
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A call from Cultural heritage Experts
FEZ - On the third day of the Conference the Euromed Heritage experts are finalizing recommendations concerning the future of cultural heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The programme, coming to an end, has achieved important results on which future actions should be built. Many have been the lessons learnt: the safeguarding of heritage is achieved through the appropriation by the citizens; heritage is an interdisciplinary field which draws on archaeology but also on architecture, art, economy, technology, law…; buildings, monuments, museums but also music, narrative and cultural landscape form a strong element in improving people’s quality of life.
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