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Get a point of view from Euromed Heritage 4 partners, cultural heritage actors, institutions, civil society and private sector representatives from the Mediterranean: discover more about cultural heritage through their knowledge and their experience...

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Interview with Carol Giordano, “Manumed – of manuscripts and men project”
An exceptional linguistic diversity and a very much alive ancestral know-how testify to the cultural richness of the Mediterranean and its multiple interactions throughout the centuries. This has been transmitted to us through an extraordinary legacy: the manuscript.
Interview with Emilie Destaing, Mutual Heritage project
Within the Mediterranean region, historical studies as well as realities on the ground testify to the presence of a substantial 19th and 20th centuries’ heritage, which is the product of inter-cultural exchanges and the sharing of technical know-how during that period.
Interview with Julie Payen, «REMEE-Redécouvrons ensemble les mémoires de l’eau» project
For centuries, an entire landscape has been harmoniously shaped around the water heritage of the Mediterranean and where human activity, based on practices and traditional knowledge developed in equilibrium with nature.
Interview with Architect Fabrizio Fuccello, Mare Nostrum project
Scattered along the ancient maritime routes throughout the Mediterranean, Phoenician port-cities developed intense exchanges throughout the region, motoring a flourishing commercial activity and contributing to the richness of the Mediterranean culture.
Interview with Dahlia Khoury Sader, Foundations for a strong future project, Lebanon
Can cultural heritage help mobilise the civil society and to what effect? The answer of “Foundations for a strong future” project is clear and it passes mainly through the youth ...
Interview with Marian Affrah, Foundations for a strong future project, Jordan
Can cultural heritage help mobilise the civil society and to what effect? The answer of “Foundations for a strong future” project is clear and it passes mainly through the youth ...
Interview with Lotfi Chraibi, “Siwa & Tangier, a cultural heritage for a better life” project
Tangier, with its historical and multicultural Medina, and Siwa, an ancient oasis in the western desert of Egypt, are linked in this project through their important cultural heritage and eventually the lack of a strategic plan for the preservation and enhancement of their centennial cultural specificities.
Interview with Fleur Perrier de la Bathie, Medliher project
In 2003, the UNESCO adopted the text of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, a multilateral binding instrument to safeguard intangible cultural heritage. Medliher project intends to reinforce the institutional capacities of four Mediterranean countries ...
Interview with Prof. Anna Lobovikov-Katz, ELAICH project
To increase the awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and its conservation by the general public, and young people in particular, is extremely important. Elaich project will explain the essence of cultural heritage ...
Interview with Maysoun Al Qatarneh, ATHENA project
Ancient theatres can play a crucial role in the Mediterranean culture and cultural heritage. The enhancement and improvement of sites would in fact determine an increase of their relevance as tourist spots, while the proper management of these sites would help in minimizing negative impacts.
Interview with Florence Lanzalavi MEDMEM project
Med-Mem project aims at safeguarding and making accessible to the general public audiovisual archives of the Mediterranean region, particularly those of State Televisions. A selection of more than 4,000 videos, particularly illustrative of Mediterranean societies and culture, will be showcased and presented in 2011.
Participation, a powerful tool for conservation of traditional Mediterranean architecture
Interview with Xavier Casanovas (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), Montada project co-ordinator
(EN, pdf 158.17 Kbytes)
Wells,  cisterns,  irrigation  canals,  fogaras:  rediscovering  water  heritage  and  the  Mediterranean landscape 
Interview with Matthieu Guary (Association pour la Participation et l'Action Régionale), REMEE project co-ordinator
(EN, pdf 158.69 Kbytes)
Of manuscripts and men...
Interview with Stéphane Ipert (Centre de Conservation du Livre, Arles), ManuMed II Project Co-ordinator
(EN, pdf 134.44 Kbytes)
Between Tradition and Modernity: the Hammams
Interview with Heidi Dumreicher (Oikodrom-Institut Wien), HammaMed Project Co-ordinator
(EN, pdf 135.54 Kbytes)
Cultural tourism, education, exhibition trails, museums, and itineraries: MWNF
Interview with Eva Schubert, founder, chairperson and CEO of the International Organisation Museum With No Frontiers
(EN, pdf 134.75 Kbytes)
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