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Strengthening the Mediterranean cultural heritage institutional and legislative frameworks

The improvement of existing institutional and legal frameworks represents a crucial step for the good management of cultural heritage. Taking into account the existing international framework of reference such as legal conventions, international panels and workshops and following a joined-up approach, the RMSU intends to facilitate the development of shared methodologies and the exchange of results between the Mediterranean Partners countries.

In response to requests from partner countries, the RMSU establishes specific actions for updating the laws and services to reflect the evolution of the concept of heritage and cover beyond the archaeological sites and monuments and historic cities, the rural and industrial heritage, the contemporary heritage, cultural landscapes, the oral and intangible heritage.

Heritage is seen as a resource for human development, with the control of economic and social transformations by the public authorities and active participation of local communities and citizens to promote their lifestyle.

Mediterranean countries share geographical conditions and cultural and artistic movements which require a dialogue between them for the recognition of a common heritage, whose safeguarding is a common responsibility.

The actions of the RMSU focus on:

  1. Comparisons between countries and by international standards, for the updating of regulations and the improvement of services.
  2. Reinforcement of the links with international organizations both governmental and non governmental.
  3. Ongoing process of cooperation and exchange of best practices within an international network of experts and officials in charge of heritage through the development of professional and human contacts across borders.
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