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Implementing EH 4 objectives and facilitating intercultural dialogue

To assist partners and beneficiary countries in achieving Euromed Heritage 4 programme’s objectives, a Regional Monitoring and Support Unit (RMSU) is operating from Brussels. In collaboration with the EuropeAid Co-operation Office, it provides support to projects ensuring coherent implementation, ownership and sustainability, exchange of information and results.

Keeping continuity with the past and building on experience developed during the previous phases of Euromed Heritage programme, the RMSU action is based on the principles of proactive commitment, transparency and optimum service delivery. Deeply inspired to a win-win approach, the RMSU intends to stay close to and provide projects with an unconditional partnership and support to benefit from the richness of a multi-cultural environment and increase North-South and South-South relations and networking.

The RMSU is formed by an international team of six experts from various cultural backgrounds and benefits from the technical know-how and support of a multi-national consortium with diversified knowledge and experience.

Bring guidance to partners and projects in a dynamic, innovative and attentive way: this is our commitment”.
Christiane DABDOUB NASSER, RMSU Team Leader

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