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Regional conferences

Two major events bringing together all project beneficiaries and partners, key actors in the field of cultural heritage, as well as representatives of the civil society and the private sector will be organized at the regional level:

The Regional Opening Conference (ROC) to give visibility to the Euromed Heritage programme, confirm the value and orientations of EH 4 and link it to the value of the Mediterranean as a space of encounter between cultures, of production, of movement, of exchange, and of constant mutations. Conference’s objectives were to launch EH 4 projects, draw attention to the holistic approach of the programme and RMSU’s vision and approach in advocating transversal cooperation, and highlight the value of cultural heritage as an increasingly important lever for economic development.

The ROC was held on 24-25 February 2010 in Palermo, Italy, as a thematic conference on the theme “Civil society and cultural heritage in the Mediterranean”.

A Regional Closing Conference to present results of outstanding projects and debate on the future prospects of cultural heritage and the Euromed Heritage programme.

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