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A list of all projects developed under the Euromed Heritage programme I, II and III is displayed here below.
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Byzantium Early Islam (Euromed Heritage III)
Integrated multidisciplinary approach for a better knowledge and safeguard of Byzantine and Islamic cultural heritage
Corpus (Euromed Heritage I)
Inventory of vernacular buildings throughout the Mediterranean
Corpus Levant (Euromed Heritage I)
Architecture traditionnelle mode d’emploi
Defence Systems on the Mediterranean Coast (Euromed Heritage II)
Activities of restoration and museum creation on fortresses along the Mediterranean coasts
Delta (Euromed Heritage II)
Integrated regional planning of heritage conservation and management
Discover Islamic Art (Euromed Heritage III)
Realisation of a virtual museum on Islamic art in the Mediterranean
Encyclopedia of the Mediterranean (Euromed Heritage I)
Editorial project concerning in of a series of 20 pocket books and 2 larger volumes in Arab, French and English
Euromediterranean Heritage Days (Euromed Heritage I)
A study into the feasibility of extending heritage days to southern countries
Expo 2000 (Euromed Heritage I)
Travelling exhibition on conservation in the Euro-Mediterranean zone
Fêtes du Soleil (Euromed Heritage I)
Recording the intangible heritage of Mediterranean popular festivals
Filières Innovantes (Euromed Heritage II)
Promotion of small producers of regional agri-food products and handicraft
Ikonos (Euromed Heritage II)
Distance learning in conservation of artefacts, buildings and monuments
Ipamed (Euromed Heritage I)
Computer assisted remote sensing cartography of heritage sites in Tunisia
Islamic Art in the Mediterranean (Euromed Heritage I)
Creation of “heritage trails” and guidebooks that suggest itineraries for exploring Islamic art and architecture in eleven Mediterranean countries.
La Navigation du Savoir (Euromed Heritage II)
Conservation and promotion of Mediterranean maritime heritage
Maghreb Heritage Training Courses I/II (Euromed Heritage I)
Conservation training in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia
Manumed / Voir § See (Euromed Heritage I)
Conservation and inventory of small and private libraries in north Africa and Near East
Medimuses (Euromed Heritage II)
Research and promotion of classical music of the Byzantine age in the South East Mediterranean basin
Mediterranean Voices (Euromed Heritage II)
Oral history and cultural practice in Mediterranean Cities
Museomed (Euromed Heritage I)
Training course on modern museum technology and management
Patrimoines Partagés (Euromed Heritage II)
Conservation of 19th and 20th century urban architecture
Pisa (Euromed Heritage I)
New approaches to conservation and management of archaeological sites
Prodecom (Euromed Heritage II)
Support and training for traditional Mediterranean arts and crafts
Qantara (Euromed Heritage III)
Mediterranean Heritage: Crossings between Orient and Occident
Rehabimed (Euromed Heritage III)
Rehabilitation of Traditional Mediterranean Architecture
Rias (Euromed Heritage I)
Forum for technical and policy cooperation in underwater archaeology
Salambo (Euromed Heritage I)
Assessment of skills in decorative crafts used in conservation of historic buildings
Saving Cultural Heritage Exhibition (Euromed Heritage I)
Follow-up of the Expo 2000 shown in partner countries
Temper (Euromed Heritage II)
Research, conservation and promotion of public awareness of the Mediterranean’s prehistoric heritage
Unimed Audit (Euromed Heritage I)
Analysis and index of heritage legislation and training in the whole region
Unimed Cultural Heritage II (Euromed Heritage II)
Creation of a portal on legislation, training offers and best practice in conservation and management of cultural heritage
Unimed Herit (Euromed Heritage I)
Training in the practice and theory of heritage management and conservation
Unimed Symposium (Euromed Heritage I)
Forum on strategies to protect non-material heritage
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