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Tourism development: a cultural heritage perspective
The last two decades have witnessed many discussions, studies, and policies and the application of several models linking tourism and cultural heritage as major contributors to local development. From the perspective of cultural heritage preservation, the economic value of the physical heritage is of primary concern inasmuch as it is linked to its direct use (and abuse), including tourism. It goes beyond the need for increasing the access of paying tourists to heritage places to preserving the lifespan of ‘heritage’: it is about how tourism revenues are distributed; about using part of these revenues for conservation purposes; and finally about raising the awareness about the heritage value of the site and the need for its sustainable use and conservation.
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Museums: real and virtual spaces
Through display and interpretation museums construct a view and present a story; they deal with cultural legacies, museum history, and national culture. Increasingly considered as a major resource for learning, they carry the burden of the past and a role in promoting ownership of diverse elements of tangible and non-tangible heritage, encouraging increased local ownership of cultural heritage, and contributing to stimulating pride and civic responsibilities.
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مرآة الهوية الثقافية: الصناعة الحرفية والمعارف التقليدية
لقد طورت الحضارة المتوسطية، مع ما تحمله من تنوع هائل وتاريخ عبر القرون، لغتها الخاصة من الألوان والمباني والأشكال يعبر عنها من خلال الطقوس، الأشياء، و الشخصيات والإحتفالات الفنية. الفنون المتوسطية ليست فقط مستودعا للتراث، بل يمكن وينبغي لها، وذلك استنادا إلى المعرفة التقليدية، أن تكون بمثابة أسس لمفاهيم جديدة ومبتكرة.
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