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Euromed Heritage

To protect our future

We take care of our past to protect our future. We promote the preservation of fountains and ancient dialects, wooden doors and old manuscripts, the rehabilitation of modern buildings and millennial theatres, to safeguard the identity of future generations and to contribute to their mutual understanding.

By the valorisation of cultural heritage, the Euromed Heritage programme supports the dialogue between cultures throughout the Mediterranean region.

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Connecting n. 4 - March 2010

n. 4 - March 2010

How to make tourism an instrument of encounter and respect and understanding of others and their future? How to combine the developed cultural and archaeological heritage with customs and traditions, ensuring the recovery of this heritage by the inhabitants of these places and making them proud of it? Cultural heritage and tourism, a key issue.

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Ancient theatres enhancement for new actualities

Algeria Italy Jordan Spain Tunisia

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Educational linkage approach in cultural heritage

Belgium Greece Israel Italy Malta Turkey

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Foundations for a strong future
Youth in Lebanon and Jordan promote cultural heritage

Jordan Lebanon

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Raising awareness for the hammam as a cultural heritage for the Mediterranean area and beyond

Austria Egypt Morocco Syria

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Manumed II
Of manuscripts and men

Algeria Belgium East Jerusalem Egypt France

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Mare Nostrum
A heritage trail along the Phoenician maritime routes and historic port-cities of the Mediterranean Sea

Greece Italy Lebanon Malta Syria Tunisia

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Safeguarding Mediterranean Living Heritage

Egypt France Jordan Lebanon Syria

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Sharing our Mediterranean audio-visual heritage

Algeria France Italy Jordan Morocco

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Forum for the promotion of traditional architecture in the Maghreb

Algeria France Morocco Spain Tunisia

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Mutual Heritage
From historical integration to contemporary active participation

France Italy Morocco Palestinian Authority Tunisia

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Rediscovering together the water heritage in the Mediterranean region

Algeria France Greece Morocco Tunisia Turkey

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Siwa & Tangier
Cultural heritage for a better life

Egypt Italy Morocco

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Mediterranean Cultural Heritage, A Manual For Good Practice

Mediterranean Cultural Heritage showcases the results and recommendations of the Euromed Heritage IV programme. It is a collaborative effort with direct contributions of articles from diverse experts, or indirect ones from all those who participated in the discussions.
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Euromed Heritage Digital Resources

The new virtual library ( constitutes a rich and sustainable resource centre for all documents produced within Euromed Heritage Programme. The documents are accessible and downloadable from the E-corpus platform, a digital comprehensive library for cultural heritage created in 2009.
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Towards a New Strategy for Cultural Heritage in the Mediterranean

How can heritage be integrated within development policies? How can it be a source of employment? How can it become a vector for citizenship?
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HEREIN-European Heritage Network multilingual thesaurus

Some 550 words or phrases are presented here, with their equivalence in 4 languages. The HEREIN project covers 12 working languages. RMSU has retained 3 of them: French, English and Spanish and provides a translation into Arabic.

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A gathering of publications, reports and international regulations useful for the comparative studies on the institutional and legal framework of heritage conservation
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Photo Book

How does heritage link the past to the present? Tradition to modernity? How does it integrate external influences? A photo book realised within the EU funded Euromed Heritage programme was just launched...
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Recommendations for ...
Reinforcement of the institutional and legal framework: workshop on "Education and training"

(10-15 December 2010, Algiers, Algeria)

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Strengthening existing institutional and legal frameworks: seminar on “Heritage Economics and Financing Mechanisms”

(6-8 June 2010, Damascus, Syria)

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Management of heritage sites and artefacts

(17-19 May 2010, Petra, Jordan)

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Euromed Heritage 4 – Workshop on “Apprenticeship”

(28-30 June 2011, Beirut, Lebanon)

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